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Dr. Olivia Montgomery

Veterinarian & Wildlife Specialist

Dr. Olivia Montgomery has dedicated her career to the well-being of creatures big and small. Holding a dual specialization in veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation, she has spent years working with everything from household pets to endangered species in their natural habitats.

Dr. Maxwell Stone

Veterinarian & Wildlife Specialist

Meet Dr. Maxwell Stone, a visionary veterinarian who seamlessly blends his clinical expertise with cutting-edge research. With a keen interest in advanced treatment modalities and technological innovations in veterinary medicine, Dr. Stone strives to push the boundaries of animal care to new horizons.

Dr. Isabella Diaz

Feline Health Specialist (DVM)

Felines hold a special place in Dr. Isabella Diaz’s heart. As a dedicated feline health specialist, she has spent her career understanding the unique needs and behaviors of our beloved cat companions. Her mission is to ensure that every “purrfect” feline enjoys a life of optimal health and happiness.

Dr. Harrison Foster

Emergency Veterinary Care

When urgent medical situations arise, Dr. Harrison Foster is the name pet owners can trust. With a specialization in emergency veterinary care, he has faced countless critical cases with a steady hand and a compassionate heart. Dr. Foster is dedicated to being a pillar of support during pets’ most challenging times.

Rocking Paws

Welcome to Rocking Paws, a place where our shared love for animals takes the spotlight. We are a group of experts—skilled veterinarians, experienced vet technicians, and perceptive animal trainers—all connected by our passion for pets of all shapes and sizes. Our advice is based on solid research and science, making it both practical and trustworthy. We’re dedicated to giving you accurate information, always from reliable sources. Our topics range from what pets eat to how they behave, covering everything from tiny hamsters to majestic horses. Rocking Paws is more than just a name; it’s a place of wisdom for those who respect animals. Come and celebrate the amazing world of our furry, feathered, and scaly friends with us.

Product Reviews

At Rocking Paws, our reviews of products are independent and come from thorough research and testing. When you click on links in our articles and make purchases, we might get a commission. However, it’s important to know that we never get paid for the recommendations we make. Our focus is on helping you, not on getting compensation for what we suggest.

How We Test Products

When it comes to testing products, we have strict guidelines. We make sure our reviews are fair and unbiased. Our mission is to help you find the best choices for your pets. We follow a set process to test each product and share our honest thoughts. So, when you read our product reviews, know that they are the result of meticulous research, firsthand testing, expert insights, and a dedication to providing you with reliable guidance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Here at Rocking Paws, we have a big mission: to help everyone make their pets feel at home. We know that some people in our community face unfair treatment, discrimination, and even hate. We can’t stay quiet about this. It’s our responsibility to stand up against racism and unfair treatment. We believe things need to change, and we’re ready to do our part.

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Experienced Pet Blogger & Author

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Brand Coordinator & Animal Welfare Advocate

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