Hey there! Ever heard of leopard geckos? They’re like these cool reptiles that are not only easy to take care of but also super friendly. They’re like the perfect pals for both newbies and experienced reptile fans because they’re not too big—only around 6 to 9 inches long. But wait, there’s more! These geckos are not just awesome because they’re easy to look after. They also come in all sorts of amazing colors and patterns, and guess what? We call these variations “morphs.” It’s like their own way of showing off their unique style.

Now, you might know the usual leopard gecko with yellow and black spots, but did you know there are so many more? It’s like a rainbow of gecko goodness! Imagine names like Baldy, Carrot Tail, Blizzard, and Creamsicle. Sounds like ice cream, right? Well, not quite! These are just some of the fancy names for different leopard gecko morphs. And guess what’s even cooler? There are always new morphs popping up, making the list just keep growing. So, what exactly is a leopard gecko morph? It’s like the special colors and patterns you find in these lizards. Some happen by chance, like nature’s surprise, and others are created on purpose through something called “selective breeding.” It’s like the geckos have their own fashion show, and each one is a unique piece of art!

Now, if you’re wondering about prices, they can be as low as $25 for a regular gecko, but some super rare ones can go for a few thousand dollars. Imagine that! There are over 100 different morphs, so it’s like a giant gecko gallery out there. Stick with us, and we’ll take you on a super fun journey into the world of leopard gecko morphs. It’s like exploring a magical land of colors and patterns, and each gecko has its own story to tell. Ready to dive into the coolness of morph magic with us?

1. Normal (Wild Type)

The Normal leopard gecko sports the classic yellow hue with black spots, resembling its wild counterparts. While it may seem like the standard look, there’s still some variation among individuals. Some Normal geckos lean towards a yellower or browner shade, and the spots can range from dark brown to black. Despite being the least expensive and commonly found in pet stores, Normal leopard geckos are far from boring and make wonderful pets. Leopard geckos need dry, warm habitats.

As one of the first commonly bred morphs, the High Yellow leopard gecko stands out with its vibrant yellow coloration. Some individuals even boast a banana yellow shade and have fewer spots than their Normal counterparts. While pricier than Normal geckos, the High Yellow morph remains relatively affordable compared to some of the rarer variations.

3. Aberrant

The Aberrant leopard gecko is a special kind with a cool mix of patterns, unlike the regular spots and stripes you usually see. It’s like a unique artwork on their skin, with patches and stripes all over, making each one different and surprising. The name “Aberrant” fits because their patterns are kind of irregular and not the same for any two geckos. These geckos are more expensive because of their special looks, and people who breed them love the unpredictability of how each one turns out. So, if you want a leopard gecko that’s like a piece of art and stands out from the rest, the Aberrant morph is a great choice!

4. Blizzard

The Blizzard leopard gecko is like a little snowfall in your pet collection. It looks super cool because it’s mostly white, almost like it’s covered in snow. Some might have a hint of yellow, pink, or lavender, but the special thing is that they don’t have many spots, or sometimes none at all, especially on their head or tail. Another cool part is their eyes – they can be all black, which makes them look even more awesome. People who love geckos really like the Blizzard ones because they’re simple, pure, and really pretty. It’s like having a tiny piece of winter magic in your pet tank!

5. Blazing Blizzar

The Blazing Blizzard leopard gecko is like a special mix of colors, kind of like a cozy fire in the snow. Imagine a gecko that looks like it’s covered in pinkish-white snow, and it doesn’t have any spots. That’s the Blazing Blizzard! It’s like a warm and beautiful contrast, especially because it has black eyes that make it look even more amazing. People who really like geckos love the Blazing Blizzard because it’s a mix of two cool types, making it stand out as a super pretty and unique pet. It’s like having a little piece of warmth and snowy magic in your gecko collection

6. Banana Blizzard

the Banana Blizzard! These geckos, with their light-colored bodies and dark eyes, create a visually striking appearance. The absence of spots or stripes, a characteristic of the Patternless morph, adds to the unique charm of the Banana Blizzard. This morph showcases the fascinating results of selective breeding, producing a gecko that stands out as a sweet and eye-catching presence in the diverse world of leopard gecko variations. For those seeking a gecko with dessert-inspired charm and a touch of playfulness, the Banana Blizzard morph offers a delightful twist in gecko beauty, making it a charming addition to any gecko enthusiast’s collection.

7. Hypo Melanistic

The Hypo Melanistic leopard gecko morph is like having a bright and sunny friend in the gecko world. These geckos have been bred to have very little melanin, which means they have very few black spots—less than 10 is needed to be a true Hypo. Imagine a gecko with a body that’s generally a vibrant yellow or orange from head to tail, like a burst of sunshine! These geckos bring warmth with their cheerful colors. The Hypo Melanistic morph is perfect for those who love geckos that radiate brightness, and they make a sunny addition to any gecko enthusiast’s collection. If you’re looking for a gecko that’s full of sunny vibes, the Hypo Melanistic morph is the perfect choice

8. Super Hypo

The Super Hypo leopard gecko morph is a radiant wonder in the gecko kingdom. Essentially, it’s a Hypo without any black spots at all. Picture a gecko that’s a warm yellow from head to tail, with less orange than the Hypo but still exuding a bright and sunny disposition. Some Super Hypos may have small patches of orange on their body or tail, adding a touch of variation to their vibrant appearance. These geckos bring a burst of color to the gecko enthusiast’s world, showcasing the beauty that can be achieved through selective breeding. If you’re seeking a gecko that shines with a pure and radiant yellow hue, the Super Hypo morph is an excellent choice—a lively and cheerful addition to any gecko collection.

9. Tangerine

The Tangerine leopard gecko morph is a striking beauty with a vibrant orange hue. Whether adorned with dark spots or showcasing a sleek appearance, these geckos add a burst of vivid elegance to any collection. Captivating with their lively charm, Tangerine morphs are a perfect choice for gecko enthusiasts seeking a dash of vibrant orange in their reptilian companions.

10. Carrot Tail and Carrot Head

Carrot Tail and Carrot Head leopard gecko morphs exhibit nature’s artistic touch with vibrant oranges. Carrot Tail showcases a bright orange tail with spots, while Carrot Head features an orange head and lighter body. Both morphs are natural masterpieces, adding diversity to the captivating world of leopard gecko morphs. Perfect choices for enthusiasts seeking nature’s artistry in their gecko companions.

11. RAPTOR (Red-Eyed Albino Patternless Tremper Orange)

The RAPTOR (Red-Eyed Albino Patternless Tremper Orange) leopard gecko morph is a visually stunning combination of albino and patternless traits, enhanced by the Tremper Orange morph. With striking red eyes and a yellowish-orange body devoid of black spots, RAPTORs stand out as true combination morphs. These geckos bring an elegant and captivating presence to the diverse world of leopard gecko morphs, showcasing the beauty of their unique genetic combination.

12. Halloween Mask

The Halloween Mask leopard gecko is a special lizard with a spooky and elegant appearance. It has a mostly white and soft yellow body with bold black spots and blotches on its head, body, and tail. As these geckos grow, their markings may change, adding a bit of mystery to their look. Halloween Mask leopard geckos are like living artworks that capture the spirit of Halloween. People who love unique and captivating reptiles often find these geckos fascinating for their special and eye-catching features.

13. Lavender

The Lavender leopard gecko morph introduces a touch of subtle elegance with its light violet or lavender coloration. Geckos of this morph may or may not have additional spots, bands, or blotches in darker brown or black shades. Typically, Lavender geckos exhibit their brightest hues during their youth, which may gradually fade as they mature. The gentle and soft tones of lavender make this morph a visually appealing choice, attracting enthusiasts who appreciate the understated beauty and charming demeanor of these geckos.

14. Hyper Melanistic

A Hyper Melanistic leopard gecko is characterized by a darkly pigmented, though not entirely black, coloration. This morph exhibits more melanin than lighter pigmented variations, maintaining spots and patterns with an overall darker appearance than Normal or Wild Types.

15. Reverse Stripe

The Reverse Stripe leopard gecko morph is defined by the presence of a stripe that runs all the way down its back from the neck to the tail. The color of this stripe can vary, offering a unique and individualized feature. The rest of the body’s color and pattern may also differ among individuals, making each Reverse Stripe gecko a one-of-a-kind specimen.

16. Super Giant

While most morphs focus on skin coloration or eye appearance, Super Giant refers to the size of the gecko. Holding the record for overall size, Super Giants are the largest of the leopard gecko morphs, reaching almost 12 inches. They fall between Normals and Super Giants in size.

17. Baldy

The Baldy leopard gecko morph is characterized by its spotless elegance, featuring a body that can be yellow or orange, often with some spots on the tail. What sets the Baldy apart is the absence of spotting on its head, creating a distinctive and unique appearance. This morph showcases a clean and sleek aesthetic, with the focus on the head’s unmarked beauty.

18. Creamsicle

The Creamsicle morph is a beautiful variation with a pale yellow or white body and bright yellow or orange spots, diverging from the common black or dark brown. Some individuals may showcase very bright orange tails, often accompanied by black or dark brown eyes.

19. Tremper Albino

The Tremper Albino leopard gecko morph is renowned for its radiant and light-colored appearance, characterized by a body displaying hues of light yellow, brown, orange, or pink. This morph is adorned with slightly darker orange or yellow spots and blotches, creating a visually appealing contrast. One distinctive feature is the light-colored eyes, adding to the overall beauty of the Tremper Albino.

20. Mack Snow

The Mack Snow leopard gecko morph is known for its light and elegant appearance, featuring a very light body adorned with dark spots and bands extending from head to tail. This morph adds a touch of sophistication to the leopard gecko family with its beautiful contrast between the light background and the dark markings.

21. Enigma

The Enigma leopard gecko morph is a distinctive and elegant variation, featuring a white tail coupled with an orange or yellow body adorned with vibrant spots and blotches. This morph adds a unique touch to the world of leopard geckos, creating a captivating contrast between the tail and body. Enigma geckos showcase a lively display of colors, making them stand out as visually appealing and charismatic reptiles.

22. Diablo Blanco

The Diablo Blanco leopard gecko morph is a captivating variation known for its stunning all-white appearance. This gecko is pure white, without any spots or markings, making it a visually striking and unique reptile. What makes it even more eye-catching are its vivid red eyes, adding a touch of mystique to its overall look. The Diablo Blanco stands out as a beautiful and elegant member of the leopard gecko morph family, captivating enthusiasts with its simplicity and purity.

23. Patternless

The Patternless leopard gecko morph, also known as the Murphy Patternless, stands out for its simplicity and beauty. True to its name, this morph lacks the typical spots or blotches found on other geckos, presenting a clean and unmarked appearance. The body of a Patternless gecko is usually a soft yellow or pink hue, emphasizing the elegance in its simplicity. These geckos appeal to reptile enthusiasts who appreciate the unadorned beauty and graceful demeanor exhibited by the Patternless leopard gecko morph.

24. Red Stripe

The Red Stripe leopard gecko morph is known for its distinctive and bold appearance, featuring two reddish stripes running down its back. The rest of the gecko’s body can showcase shades of orange, yellow, or red, complemented by darker spots on the head and tail. This morph adds a vibrant touch to the world of leopard geckos with its eye-catching stripes and colorful patterns.

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